Accelerated Masters Platform

The Accelerated Master’s Platform (AMP) enables highly motivated students (GPA > 3.25) to enroll in a graduate master’s program while finishing their undergraduate degree. Graduate-level classes (up to 22 credits) taken in the student’s senior year are applied to both the undergraduate and graduate programs, enabling a seamless transition to graduate school and completion of the master’s program within one year of completing their undergraduate degree

The AMP in Toxicology (AMP-TOX) provides an exciting opportunity for students with an interest in the Environmental Health Sciences to earn a Master’s of Science (MS) or a Professional Masters (PSMTOX) in Toxicology. Students majoring in science programs with appropriate interest and background, especially those pursuing an undergraduate minor in Toxicology, or those with interests in Pre-Health or other professional or graduate school opportunities are encouraged to apply.

The MS in Toxicology offers three different options for students enrolled in AMP-TOX, with a focus either on thesis research or advanced non-thesis training. Each option requires a shared core of study (foundational studies in the molecular basis of environmental disease, environmental chemistry, and risk assessment) with different requirements for restricted and unrestricted electives. Supporting requirements include statistics and professional ethics. The curriculum emphasizes individualized programs of study based on the student’s educational background and designed to meet the student’s training, educational, and professional goals. Required experiential learning and professional development ensure students are well trained in transferable skills necessary to meet the challenges of professional work in many fields.

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Getting Started

Apply as a Junior

Once you have completed 105 credits* you can apply to the Accelerated Masters. (*more for some programs)

Take Graduate Level Classes as a Senior

In your senior year, you can take graduate level classes and have them count towards your undergraduate degree and also transfer up to 22 credits towards your master's.

Graduate and Start Your Master's Degree

Once you start your graduate degree you will have a jump start with your 22 transfer credits. Learn more on the application page



Classes and Credits

During your undergraduate senior year, successful applicants are allowed to apply a maximum of 22 graduate credits (taken for a letter grade and not including blanket-numbered courses), taken as an undergraduate, to both their undergraduate and master’s degrees. (Note that some undergraduate programs require more than 180 credit hours.)

Courses transferred must meet current graduate transfer credit guidelines (see the catalog for current guidelines.) In addition, those students in the Honors College, or in other undergraduate programs that require a thesis, may use the undergraduate thesis as a step toward completing the master’s thesis. However, the undergraduate thesis would not serve as a replacement for a required master’s thesis.

  • Must be currently an Undergrad at OSU
  • Must be in Junior standing (>105 credits)
  • At least a 3.25 GPA
  • No application fee or GRE needed
  • Willing to take Graduate-level courses in final year of Undergrad
  • Enjoy a shorter Master's Program