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Kelsey Arthur
Graduate Fellow
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I am a second year PhD student working in the Tilton lab. Currently, my research is focused on developing a co-culture model combining 3D primary human bronchial epithelial cells with macrophages to assess toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as either individual chemicals or mixtures...

Major Professor: Susan Tilton
Isabella Centurione Contact person by email

I'm primarily interested in the effects micro- and nanoplastics have on other chemicals in the environment, and my research focuses on the effects of these plastic particles to the toxicity of PAHs.

Master's Student - Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Major Professor: Stacey Harper
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Victoria Colvin
Graduate Fellow
Graduate Students
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My goal through obtaining a PhD in Toxicology is to gain a greater understanding of biological and molecular processes as they relate to human health.

PhD Toxicology
Chloe Fender
Graduate Fellow
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I am a third year PhD student working in the Water Quality Toxicology Lab. My research is focused on using high-resolution mass spectrometry as a tool to characterize chemical contaminants in natural and human-made aqueous systems, including irrigation canals, rivers, and drinking water and...

Major Professor: Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo
Annika Gehl Contact person by email

I'm interested in studying if and how environmental stress (ie. thermal, light, etc.) during development affects susceptibility to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in zebrafish.


PhD Student - Toxicology

Major Professor: Robyn Tanguay
Miranda Jackson Contact person by email

I am particularly interested in aquatic ecotoxicology involving stormwater runoff toxicity in salmonid species.

Ph.D., Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Major Professor: Stacey Harper , Major Professor: Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo
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Christian Rude
Graduate Fellow

I'm interested in using zebrafish to better understand the toxicity of polyclicaromatic hydrocarbons through transcriptomics, fate studies, and comparison to other models. 

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I am a PhD student studying under Dr. Susan Tilton.  My current research focuses on using a 3D respiratory model to better understand how pre-existing conditions, like asthma, impact the way polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are metabolized and if their toxicity is changed by the presence of...

PhD student - Toxicology
Major Professor: Susan Tilton