Working in a labContact Stacey Harper, Chair of the Safety Advocates for EMT (SAFE), for safety-related concerns, questions and guidance.

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Each Principal Investigator or supervisor with responsibility for a laboratory space must annually certify they have completed the following Laboratory Safety Requirements.  After completing all items, the PI or supervisor should notify the Office of Environmental Health and Safety that completion of these safety measures has occurred by using the online Acknowledgement of Laboratory Safety Requirements.

  1. Chemical Inventory:  PIs and supervisors of laboratory space must annually complete the on-line Chemical Inventory Acknowledgement.  This requirement brings the university into compliance with the Office of the State Fire Marshal for inventory reporting.
  2. Chemical Hygiene Plan:  A chemical hygiene plan is required by federal and state OSHA for all laboratories that use or store chemicals.  Laboratory Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan template.
  3. Chemical Labeling:  Chemical and waste container labeling is required by EPA and Oregon DEQ regulations.  Chemical container labeling; Waste container labeling.
  4. Safety Training:  Initial and refresher training (every 3 years) for each employee is required by EPA, Oregon DEQ, and OSHA regulations.
  5. Laboratory Self-Assessments:  A self-assessment is required annually and will help fulfill chemical hygiene plan requirements.   Laboratory Safety Self-Assessment form; Self-Assessment Guide.

Responding to Laboratory Safety Assessments

If EH&S has conducted a laboratory safety assessment for your laboratory space, please certify you have implemented corrective actions at the online form Record Actions Taken on Lab Safety Assessment.

Emergency Operations Plan - Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (ALS Resisents)

College of Agricultural Sciences Safety

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The Laboratory Safety Requirements above apply to all OSU research, teaching, and support spaces (shops, mechanical rooms, etc.) that use or store chemicals.  The requirements have been approved by the Provost’s Council and the Executive Compliance Committee.