Updating Your EMT Directory Profile

Go to: https://emt.oregonstate.edu/login

Login with your ONID credentials
(If you are already logged into OSU services, it will give you a “page not found” error.)




Either way, you will see your name in the top right corner. Click on the "Hello + Your Name".




Depending on your page, you may need to click on either the "Profiles" tab or the "Edit" tab.




From here you will see several tabs where you can modify your information. Not all information included in these tabs will show on your public-facing EMT directory page.




Updating Your Photo

If you would like to add a photo, you can go to the "OSU Person" tab to do that.



Scroll down to where you can upload a photo and click on "Browse".





From here you can upload your photo.










Updating the "Specialty Area" for Faculty, Research Associates
(Faculty, Research Faculty, or Administrative Staff)

This will also show on the main page when your name is clicked.

In order to complete these updates, you must click on the "OSU Faculty" tab.




Then scroll down to the "Research/Career Interests" section.


Scrolling down to "Additional Info" will also add information to your main page.








Updating the "Specialty Area" for Graduate Students
(Graduate Students)

Click on the "OSU Student" tab.




Scroll down to the "Academic Interests" section.