Ensuring Safe Feeds

We test feed materials for ergovaline, lolitrem B and ergot alkaloids.

Message from the Director

Updated Wednesday July 1, 2020

Prices for testing have increased for this fiscal year. Ergovaline and lolitrem B quantitation are now $86 each, and rush processing for either of those tests is $25 each. In addition, the ergot pellet test has increased to $110.

***Impacts of COVID-19 to operations in the Endophyte Service Lab***
At this time, OSU campuses and facilities remain open for operations statewide; however, OSU is taking measures to reduce the frequency of interactions among students, faculty, staff and visitors to the extent possible. Information on OSU’s COVID-19 response can be found at https://leadership.oregonstate.edu/coronavirus. The Endophyte Service Lab is currently testing for mycotoxins and is practicing measures recommended by OSU through the CDC, Oregon Health Authority and other public health agencies to minimize risk to our employees. We do not anticipate longer than normal sample turn-around times at this juncture with the current sample volume, and ability to practice social distancing, wearing face coverings, and hand-washing/sanitizing procedures. At this time, we are asking that all samples be submitted by dropping off in the sample bin of the Oak Creek parking lot or through the mail and not via in-person drop-off. USPS, UPS and FedEx will all deliver mail to our lab address:

Endophyte Service Laboratory
3015 SW Western Blvd.
Oregon State University
139 Oak Creek Building
Corvallis, OR 97331

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the lab at 541-737-2872 or my office line at 541-737-9414.

Best Regards,
Jenni Duringer 

This is our online sample testing submission and general information website. Registered commercial clients can use this system to submit samples for Endophyte and Ergot Mycotoxin Testing. Additionally, individuals should be able to find answers to commonly asked questions, current scientific literature and contact information for the laboratory.

We test feed and plant materials for ergovaline, lolitrem B and ergot alkaloids. For some test types, rush processing is available. Please see our fee schedule for current costs for each test.

Anyone can submit samples in person, by mail or by express mail carrier. However, clinical clients should contact the laboratory by phone or email prior to submission so that we can provide advise on proper sample collection and submission, and gather details on clinical history.

Commercial clients please log in if you are a registered user. Otherwise please contact laboratory for assistance.

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Which Test Should I Request?

What to consider when deciding which test or tests to request

When possible, try to determine the type/species of plant material you have. Is the feed material a type of fescue, ryegrass, a mix of both or something else?

  • If you have fescue, an ergovaline test is recommended. Lolitrem B is not typically produced by the endophyte fungus found in fescue.
  • If you have ryegrass, both ergovaline and lolitrem B can be present. If you would like to have only one test performed, a test for lolitrem B is recommended. The endophyte fungus that may be present in ryegrass is different than the one that may be in fescue, and tends to mainly produce lolitrem B. However, you need to be aware that ergovaline is usually produced in smaller amounts which may be a cause for concern in feed. Therefore, a test for ergovaline may additionally be requested for ryegrass.
  • If you have both types of grass, tests for both ergovaline and lolitrem B are recommended.
  • If you don't know the type/species of plant material in your feed, but reproduction and/or vasoconstriction issues are of concern, a test for ergovaline is recommended. If staggering is of concern, a lolitrem B test is recommended.

If you would like assistance deciding what test(s) are appropriate, or if you believe you may have an ergot problem, please call the Endophyte Service Laboratory at 541-737-2872 for consultation.