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The integrated mission of the Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology (EMT) is to educate students in the toxicological sciences, to conduct research on the effects of chemicals and other agents on humans and the environment and to engage the public through extension and outreach. The EMT Department focuses on creating, disseminating, and applying new knowledge to enhance the treatment and prevention of human disease and to ensure the protection of the environment and public health.


Amy Cross was promoted to Senior Faculty Research Assistant.

Dr. Stacey Harper was promoted to Professor.

Brianna Rivera was awarded the 2021 Eric A. Andreasen Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship by Oregon State University.

Brianna Rivera was awarded an internship with Integral Consulting for summer 2021.

Brianna Rivera was awarded the Best Abstract Award from the Society of Toxicology Mixtures Specialty Section. Title: “A Novel Framework to Form Sufficiently Similar Mixtures from Environmental Exposure Data."

Emerson Christie: Successful PhD Defense. Title: "Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): protein binding and partitioning and sorption in light non-aqueous phase liquids."  PI: Dr. Jennifer Field.

Prarthana Shankar: Successful PhD Defense. Title: "Elucidating the signaling events downstream of aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation in zebrafish." PI: Dr. Robyn Tanguay.


Brianna Rivera was awarded the Risk Assessment Specialty Section’s 2021 Perry J. Gehring Risk Assessment Award for a Graduate Student for her abstract, “A Novel Framework to Form Sufficiently Similar Mixtures from Environmental Exposure Data."

Dr. Siva Kolluri received a new National Institutes of Health R21 award for "Bcl-2 as a target in cancer."

Dr. Jennifer Duringer received an award from the Agricultural Research Foundation for her project titled, "Method validation for measurement of cannabinoids in fat from livestock samples generated from projects investigating use of hemp as a feed source."

Dr. Subham Dasgupta recently received two awards from the Society of Toxicology: 1. Dr. Dharm Singh Postdoctoral Fellow Best Abstract Award First Place, and 2. The Molecular and Systems Biology Specialty Section 2nd Place Best Postdoctoral Award.


Dr. Melissa Haendel named CAS 2020 STAY AT HOME HERO: Full Story.

Dr. Jennifer Field and team received the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Project of the Year award for their project, “Key Fate and Transport Processes Impacting the Mass Discharge, Attenuation, and Treatment of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances and Comingled Chlorinated Solvents or Aromatic Hydrocarbons.”

Dr. Susan Tilton and Team received the Extramural Paper of the Month for December for the NIEHS Environmental Factor:

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