The integrated mission of the Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology (EMT) is to educate students in the toxicological sciences, to conduct research on the effects of chemicals and other agents on humans and the environment and to engage the public through extension and outreach. The EMT Department focuses on creating, disseminating, and applying new knowledge to enhance the treatment and prevention of human disease and to ensure the protection of the environment and public health.

Please Congratulate Our Newly Promoted Employees!

Dr. Lane Tidwell was promoted to Senior Research Associate.

Lane was born and raised in Oregon. He was educated at OSU earning his BS in 2008 and his PhD in 2016. Lane uses passive sampling technologies and analytical chemistry to address research questions in the fields of environmental toxicology and environmental chemistry. When he is not working Lane can be found spending time with his family enjoying the bountiful natural resources of the pacific northwest.

Kaci Buhl was promoted to Professor of Practice.

Kaci Buhl, MS is an Associate Professor of Practice at Oregon State University (OSU). She leads the Statewide Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP), working to educate professional pesticide applicators in collaboration with state agencies and NGOs.

On the national level, Ms. Buhl is the Deputy Director of the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC), which creates pesticide-related videos, manuals, exams, and other resources for farmworkers, pesticide handlers, and licensed applicators. She studied Integrated Pest Management (IPM) at Michigan State University and previously coordinated the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC).  

Ricky Scott was promoted to Senior Faculty Research Assistant II.

My name is Ricky Scott I have a degree in chemistry (environmental option) at Oregon State University. I have worked for Dr. Anderson Food Safety Environmental Stewardship Lab for, about 10 years. I have gained a fair amount of knowledge in different environmental chemistry techniques and analytical instrumentation. I enjoy sharing that knowledge with students and really anyone that wants to listen.

Dr. Andrew Annalora was promoted to Associate Professor (Senior Research).

Hailing from Gallup, New Mexico, my upbringing near the Navajo Nation instilled in me a profound appreciation for cultural diversity. My journey in science began at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where I studied vitamin D hormone biochemistry, and earned a PhD in the Biomedical Sciences delving into the protein structures of important therapeutic targets for cancer and chronic kidney disease.

Postdoctoral achievements at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, led me to Oregon State University, where I conduct research on xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes, mentor students, and am deeply committed to toxicology, addressing pivotal environmental health issues.

Exploring the Future of Personalized Medicine
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Tanguay Laboratory: Pioneering Predictive Toxicology

Tanguay Laboratory

Mireia Roig-Paul was selected to receive the 2024 ARCS award by the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation (ARCS) Foundation Scholar Awards are provided through the ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter.  More Information.



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