Minor in Toxicology | How to declare

The Environmental and Molecular Toxicology program offers many opportunities for undergraduates interested in toxicology.

Undergraduate Minor

We offer an Undergraduate Minor in Toxicology. There is a growing interest in protecting human and environmental health, environmental toxicology, and computational toxicology making this a contemporary field of study for undergraduate students. The field of toxicology is highly multidisciplinary, which makes it a great minor to all sciences and technology-related degrees.

Research Opportunities

The faculty of EMT participate in the Bioresource Research Program and Honors College. Students interested in pursuing a research internship should investigate each faculty's laboratory and contact the faculty member for information about the availability of undergraduate research positions and application procedures. Students selected to participate in research will be advised to register for TOX 401 (Undergraduate Research in Toxicology) to receive academic credit for their research work experience.

Summer Internships

To encourage students to consider a career in toxicology, the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at Oregon State University offers a paid summer internship opportunity.

Accelerated Masters Platform

Oregon State University undergraduates who are highly motivated can obtain a minor in toxicology and complete a graduate master's program through our Accelerated Masters Program (AMP). The AMP enables the students to enroll in graduate master's program while finishing their undergraduate degree. Graduate level classes (up to 12credits) taken in the student’s senior year are applied to both the undergraduate and graduate programs, enabling a seamless transition to graduate school and completion of the Professional Master’s program within one year of completing their undergraduate degree. 

How to declare

OSU Undergraduate students interested in declaring Toxicology as a minor should contact Dr. Susan Tilton, Director of Academic Program in Toxicology and Head Advisor.