TEAM Tox aims to further enhance and diversify the educational experience of all EMT graduate and post graduate trainees in several ways:
1) Provide opportunities for professional development above and beyond the formal EMT curriculum
2) Enhance sense of community and relations between EMT trainees and faculty
3) Provide a mechanism for representation of trainees’ issues and concerns to the EMT faculty and administration

Who We Are

Trainees of the Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (or TEAM Tox) is open to students and post-docs affiliated with the EMT department and the College of Agriculture.

Voting members include:
1) All students enrolled full- or part-time in EMT MS or PhD degree programs
2) Post-degree trainees (post-docs) within five years of their graduation
3) Graduate students or postgraduate trainees working full-or part-time in an EMT faculty member's research group, when the EMT faculty member serves as either Major Professor, Co-Major Professor or Co-Investigator/Supervisor on a research project

Our Activities

TEAM Tox coordinates many activities for our members and the EMT department. Below are some of our major activities:

  • K-12 and community outreach/mentoring
  • Annual EMT Research Day
  • Departmental social events

How We Work

TEAM Tox works with the EMT Department Head and the front office to facilitate the needs of TEAM Tox and the EMT department. Officers are nominated by TEAM Tox members and are elected annually. TEAM Tox meets once monthly. The TEAM Tox committees meet once monthly or more frequently at the request of the chairs. Committee chairs are nominated within the committee and serve for one year. TEAM Tox is a fully inclusive group with votes open to any member.


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We have many activities for our outreach program chiefly: Organizing and running K-12 activities, participating in community engagement activities, developing new science education modules, and offering our materials to teachers. <Learn More>


  • Prarthana Shankar, President
  • Brianna Rivera, Vice President
  • Claudia Santillan, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ian Moran, Social Fundraising
  • Daniel Elson, Outreach Chair
  • Yvonne Rericha, Outreach Co-Chair
  • Lindsay Wilson, Outreach Committee Member
  • Carolyn Poutasse, Outreach Committee Member
  • Sam Samon, Outreach Committee Member
  • Emerson Christie, Student Faculty Liason
  • Stephanie Maggio, Co-Student Faculty Liason
  • Kaley Major, Post-doc Mentor
  • Serhan Mamer, Diversity Committee Representative
  • Christine Ghetu, CGE Steward

Incoming Students
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