TEAM Tox aims to further enhance and diversify the educational experience of all EMT graduate and post graduate trainees in several ways:
1) Provide opportunities for professional development above and beyond the formal EMT curriculum
2) Enhance sense of community and relations between EMT trainees and faculty
3) Provide a mechanism for representation of trainees’ issues and concerns to the EMT faculty and administration

Who We Are

Trainees of the Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (or TEAM Tox) is open to students and post-docs affiliated with the EMT department and the College of Agriculture.

Voting members include:
1) All students enrolled full- or part-time in EMT MS or PhD degree programs
2) Post-degree trainees (post-docs) within five years of their graduation
3) Graduate students or postgraduate trainees working full-or part-time in an EMT faculty member's research group, when the EMT faculty member serves as either Major Professor, Co-Major Professor or Co-Investigator/Supervisor on a research project

Our Activities

TEAM Tox coordinates many activities for our members and the EMT department. Below are some of our major activities:

  • K-12 and community outreach/mentoring
  • Annual EMT Research Day
  • Departmental social events

TEAM Tox Outreach Activities 2021-2022











TEAM Tox Highlights 2021-2022

TEAM Tox Highlights 2020-2021

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How We Work

TEAM Tox works with the EMT Department Head and the front office to facilitate the needs of TEAM Tox and the EMT department. Officers are nominated by TEAM Tox members and are elected annually. TEAM Tox meets once monthly. The TEAM Tox committees meet once monthly or more frequently at the request of the chairs. Committee chairs are nominated within the committee and serve for one year. TEAM Tox is a fully inclusive group with votes open to any member.


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We have many activities for our outreach program chiefly: Organizing and running K-12 activities, participating in community engagement activities, developing new science education modules, and offering our materials to teachers. Learn More



Emily Bonner – President

I am a 4th year PhD student in the Anderson lab. My research primarily relates to the characterization of firefighter chemical exposures and the enhancement of dermal protection. Outside of OSU, Oregon has also an amazing place to forage, climb, run, and explore!


Tori Colvin - Vice President

I am a 4th year PhD candidate in the Tilton lab. My research focuses on PAH mechanisms of toxicity in an organotypic lung culture model. Outside of the lab, I enjoy sewing, knitting, playing video games, and hiking/running with my dog, Buddy.


Brittany Cunningham - Treasurer and Secretary

I am a fourth year PhD student in the Harper lab. I have BS’s in Animal Science and Marine and Coastal Sciences from UC Davis and an MS in Biology from Cal Poly SLO. Overall, I am interested in the impacts of anthropogenic pollutants on aquatic organisms and environments. My current research focuses on the internalization and effects of micro and nanoplastics of varying size, shape, and chemical composition, on model freshwater, estuarine, and marine organisms. Outside of the lab I like to swim, run, hike, read, and bake.


Miranda Jackson - Social Chair

I am a second-year Ph.D. student and I am especially passionate about aquatic ecosystems. I ram currently working with Dr. Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo and Dr. Stacey Harper. My research thus far has focused on 6PPD-quinone, a transformation product of an antioxidant added to tires that have been suspected to contribute to mass salmon mortality events in the PNW. I plan to compare the chemical and particle toxicity of components present in stormwater runoff to aquatic species during my time at OSU.


Christian Rude - Outreach Chair

I am a third year graduate student studying alternative pathways in PAH toxicity. I graduated with a BS in chemistry from Pacific Lutheran University in 2017 before spending a few years wandering down various career paths, my favorite being in the mint flavoring industry. Mostly I enjoy having songs stuck in my head and sharing them with everyone.


Mackenzie Morshead - Outreach Co-Chair

I am a first year PhD student in the Tanguay lab working to develop QSAR models to predict PAH toxicity and studying the impacts of the microbiome on alkyl PAH toxicity. I am originally form Northern California and graduated in 2018 from Hamilton college with my bachelors in Biochemistry/Molecular biology and Fine art. Before coming to OSU I worked at an aging research lab and at the EPA studying aquatic toxicology. I love travel, eating food, biking, swimming, backpacking, and spending time with my dog or anyone else’s.


Annika Gehl - Outreach Committee Member

I will be starting my second year of the Master's program and a minor in Statistics in Fall 2022 in Dr. Robyn Tanguay's lab. I plan to study gene expression changes in zebrafish embryos following exposure to flame retardants. Outside of the lab, I love exploring the coast, reading, painting, and checking out some of Oregon's beautiful wineries!


Sara Hutton - Outreach Committee Member

Sara Hutton is a fourth year PhD student in Dr. Brander’s lab, where she studies the effects of pesticide and microplastic exposure on early life stage fish. She is specifically interested in how climate change affects toxicity and how computational tools can be leveraged to improve risk assessment. In her free time she enjoys reading, being outside, and hanging out with her dogs, partner, and friends.


Ian Moran - Student Faculty Liaison

I am a fifth year PhD student in Dr. Kim Anderson’s lab, studying the environmental fate and toxicity of complex chemical mixtures. I’m passionate about statistics and always enjoy talking about it with peers. I grew up in Washington state and attended Western Washington University where I studied Environmental Science. Outside of work I enjoy spending time outside fishing, mushroom hunting and backpacking, riding anything with two wheels and dancing with friends.


Kyle Burns - Scholarship Chair

Kyle Burns is a second year PhD student in the Tilton lab. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2021 with a BS in Biochemistry and minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences. At Ohio State, Kyle worked in a lab focused on developing new medical countermeasures to organophosphorus pesticides and chemical warfare agents, prompting his interest in toxicology. In his free time, Kyle enjoys playing guitar and spending time outdoors.


Dante Perone - Scholarship Committee Member

I am a second year PhD student in the Tanguay Lab. I am from Sherwood, Oregon and completed my undergraduate degree at Oregon State University in 2019. The past year my research focused on finding a disease phenotype for CYP1B1 knockout zebrafish as well as screening for drug synergism against breast cancer cells. In my free time I like cooking, eating, and vacation. I also like the outdoors, camping, and diving.


Kelly O'Malley - Scholarship Committee Member

I am a second year master’s student in the Environmental & Molecular Toxicology program from Eugene, OR. For my undergraduate, I graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and minor in Chemistry in 2021. My research interests include understanding chemical movement surrounding wildfire events and identifying chemicals in wildfire smoke. I enjoy gardening, traveling, hiking, and listening to music.


Dr. Lindsay St. Mary - Post-Doc Mentor

I am currently a NIEHS postdoctoral trainee at the Tanguay Lab assessing toxicity of 9,000 representative chemicals found in consumer products and partnered with AsedaSciences to integrate their high throughput in vitro screening system (SYSTEMETRIC®) and the Tanguay Lab's zebrafish screening assay to predict chemical developmental/neurotoxicity. I received my Bachelor of Science degree at OSU, master's in Toxicology at North Carolina State University, and my PhD from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland where I investigated time-related alteration of bioactive polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) photoproducts in the presence of TiO2 nanoparticles. My previous research has included investigations of iAs-mediated immunosupression, toxicity of high-nitrogen compounds, nitrates/nitrites, smoke dyes, diverse nanoparticles, and other environmental pollutants which involved the use of diverse molecular and analytical chemistry techniques. I spend most of my spare time exploring Oregon with my dog, Lilly, traveling, enjoy craft cider, lifting weights.