TEAM Tox aims to further enhance and diversify the educational experience of all EMT graduate and post graduate trainees in several ways:
1) Provide opportunities for professional development above and beyond the formal EMT curriculum
2) Enhance sense of community and relations between EMT trainees and faculty
3) Provide a mechanism for representation of trainees’ issues and concerns to the EMT faculty and administration

Who We Are

Trainees of the Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (or TEAM Tox) is open to students and post-docs affiliated with the EMT department and the College of Agriculture.

Voting members include:
1) All students enrolled full- or part-time in EMT MS or PhD degree programs
2) Post-degree trainees (post-docs) within five years of their graduation
3) Graduate students or postgraduate trainees working full-or part-time in an EMT faculty member's research group, when the EMT faculty member serves as either Major Professor, Co-Major Professor or Co-Investigator/Supervisor on a research project

Our Activities

TEAM Tox coordinates many activities for our members and the EMT department. Below are some of our major activities:

  • K-12 and community outreach/mentoring
  • Annual EMT Research Day
  • Departmental social events

How We Work

TEAM Tox works with the EMT Department Head and the front office to facilitate the needs of TEAM Tox and the EMT department. Officers are nominated by TEAM Tox members and are elected annually. TEAM Tox meets once monthly. The TEAM Tox committees meet once monthly or more frequently at the request of the chairs. Committee chairs are nominated within the committee and serve for one year. TEAM Tox is a fully inclusive group with votes open to any member.


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We have many activities for our outreach program chiefly: Organizing and running K-12 activities, participating in community engagement activities, developing new science education modules, and offering our materials to teachers. Learn More

Incoming Students
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Brianna Rivera – President

I am a fourth year graduate student working in the labs of Drs. Kim Anderson and Susan Tilton. My research focus involves developing approaches to identify drivers of toxicity from complex mixtures found in the environment. Outside of the lab, I enjoy hiking, camping, gardening, collecting house plants, listening to live music, and salsa dancing.


Stephanie Maggio - Vice President

In Fall 2020, I will be starting my fourth year as a graduate student in Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins’ lab researching the impacts of pesticide exposure on aquatic receptors. I earned a B.S. degree in Environmental Science from Ithaca College in Upstate New York. Outside of the lab, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing outside, and crafting.


Victoria Colvin - Treasurer and Secretary

I am a first year graduate student currently doing rotations. I received a dual Bachelor's Degree in chemistry and physics from Troy University, and my goal in obtaining my PhD is to gain more knowledge on the biological sciences through environmental and molecular toxicology. Outside of research, I enjoy dancing, crafting, and taking hikes with my dog.


Lindsey Wilson - Social Chair

I am a third year EMT graduate student in the Tanguay lab. My research interests include epigenetics and elucidating divergent mechanisms of PAH toxicity using the zebrafish model. I am originally from Nebraska and lived in Minneapolis, MN for 3 years working in sustainable agriculture research before coming to OSU. Outside of the lab, I enjoy gardening, camping, and hanging out with my cat, Kevin!


Yvonne Rericha - Outreach Chair

I am a second year (third year as of fall 2020) EMT graduate student in Dr. Robyn Tanguay's lab. I am investigating the toxicity of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) using zebrafish as a model. I am working to understand structure-bioactivity relationships and explore the mode of action of PFAS toxicity. Originally from Boise, Idaho, I got a B.S. in Biology from St. John's University in New York. I worked as a field technician and laboratory technician for a few years before coming to OSU. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking/baking, hiking, sports and everything outdoors.


Emily Bonner - Outreach Co-Chair

I am a first year, rotating graduate student planning on joining Dr. Kim Anderson’s lab. I am interested in applying passive sampling technology to investigate community and occupational chemical exposures, such as those of structural and wildland firefighters.  I am originally from Littleton, Colorado and graduated in 2019 from Syracuse University with a BS in Biochemistry. In my free time I enjoy knitting, rock climbing, and backpacking (among other outdoor activities).


Brittany Cunningham - Outreach Committee Member

I am a first year graduate student currently doing rotations. I received BSs in Animal Science and Marine and Coastal Sciences from UC Davis. I also have a MS in Biology from Cal poly, SLO. My research interests include investigating the effects of small plastic particles (micro/nano) on the survival, growth, and reproduction of aquatic organisms. My hobbies include tide pooling, swimming, cycling, and baking.


Ian Moran - Outreach Committee Member

I am a second year graduate student in Dr. Kim Anderson’s lab. I’m studying how chemical mixtures move in the environment and impact biological systems. I’m interested in using passive samplers to investigate chemical movement in extreme environments like Alaska and Antarctica and how environmental processes like permafrost and glaciation affect the distribution and movement of chemicals. When I’m not on campus I enjoy salsa dancing, riding motorcycles, mushroom hunting and playing outside.

Sam Samon - Student Faculty Liaison

I will be starting my third year in EMT in Fall 2020 and am a member of Dr. Kim Anderson’s laboratory. I received B.S. degrees in Environmental Chemistry and Biology From the University of Nevada, Reno and spent some time working at the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in North Carolina before coming to OSU. My research interests include using silicone passive sampling devices to assess personal exposure, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and science outreach and communication. My hobbies include playing with my dogs, Peanut & Butter, yoga, hiking, running and skiing.


Trever Schwichtenberg - Student Faculty Liaison

I am a second year chemistry graduate student in the Field lab. I research methods for detecting and quantifying per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in a variety of environmental matrices. I also look for ways chemistry tools can be used to improve environmental monitoring. I have a B.A. in Chemistry from Luther College in Decorah, IA. Outside the lab I enjoy newspapers, movies, and espresso.


Ivan Titley - Post-Doc Rep

I am a postdoc working with Dr. Jennifer Field in Dr. Staci Simonich’s laboratory. My primary project concerns the analysis of volatile PFASs released from landfill sites. I am originally from Indonesia and I graduated with my BA from Berea College in KY in 2013 and with my PhD from OSU in 2017. Before coming back to OSU, I spent two years as a postdoc at Örebro University in Sweden. When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy watching the NBA and English Premier League games, listening to podcasts, playing badminton, cooking, and hiking.


Subham Dasgupta - Post-Doc Rep, Diversity Committee Rep

I am a postdoc within Dr. Robyn Tanguay’s lab. Currently I am working on elucidating the role of long non-coding RNAs in AhR-mediated developmental toxicity within zebrafish models. I am originally from India and got my BSc and MSc from University of Calcutta, my PhD from Stony Brook University in NY and was a postdoc for 2.5 yrs at the University of California Riverside before moving to OR.