Dr. Eric A. Andreasen Graduate Student Travel Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship

Dr. Eric Andreasen had a resolute desire to conduct exceptionally sound scientific research that would have lasting societal impacts. He was instrumental in establishing zebrafish as a preeminent animal model for developmental toxicology research and made a number of other major contributions to developmental toxicology as well as to the fields of toxicogenomics, tissue regeneration, and aryl hydrocarbon receptor biology. He unfailingly offered to support and mentor others, and always made people feel welcomed and part of the research group family.

His commitment to others led to the career development of countless scientists. As a way of honoring the life and scientific accomplishments of Dr. Andreasen, an annual award was created in his name.  The Andreasen Award recognizes an outstanding graduate student that best exemplifies the qualities of scientific excellence and leadership exhibited by Dr. Andreasen. The recipient of the Dr. Eric A. Andreasen Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research and scholarship will receive support to present their research at a national or international scientific meeting in their area of expertise. Graduate student nominations will be accepted from faculty at Oregon State University and the University of Wisconsin‐Madison.

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    Award Winners                                         

                Year                 Award Winner                 Institution
                2015                 Leah Wehmas                 Oregon State University
                2016                 Derik Haggard                 Oregon State University
                2017                 Gloria Garcia                 Oregon State University
                2018                 Kyle Wegner                 University of Wisconsin, Madison
                2019                 Prarthana Shankar                 Oregon State University
                2020                 Anne Turco                 University of Wisconsin, Madison
                2021                 Brianna Rivera                 Oregon State University
                2022                 Yvonne Rericha                 Oregon State University