Ebola 2014: Medical and Ethical Issues

Dr. Pat Iversen, a professor in the department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, recently spoke about Ebola treatments at a well-attended Corvallis Science Pub at the Old World Deli on Monday, December 5.

Dr. Iverson previously delivered a seminar on Ebola on Monday, November 3, at the Linus Pauling Science Center. The evening lecture included a chronology of the events of the recent outbreak, global response, and the challenges in treating Ebola.

The 2914 Ebola outbreak has infected more people worldwide than all outbreaks combined since 1976, and has included a small number of cases diagnosed in the United States.

A YouTube recording of Dr. Iversen's lecture can be found here and Daily Barometer article highlighting Dr. Iversen's talk is available online: Researcher lectures on history, consequences, treatment of Ebola

Dr. Iversen was also featured in several articles discussing his role in a drug, AVI-7537, that may be used for the treatment of Ebola.

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