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The Role of the OSU Endophyte Service Lab 

Endophyte Toxins in Grass and Other Feed Sources  44 KB
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Toxic Effects of Straw 

Understanding the Tall Fescue Endophyte  1.5 MB
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Clinical/Animal Research

Murty 2018

Cases of ergotism in livestock and associated ergot alkaloid concentrations in feed: 2015 

The role of the OSU Endophyte Service Lab in diagnosing clinical cases of endophyte toxicosis: 2014 

Physiological effects of endophyte-infected perennial ryegrass straw on female camels in the Middle East: 2014 

Endophyte mycotoxins in animal health: 2012 

Advances in the diagnosis of mycotoxins and endotoxins: 2010 

Tall fescue for the 21st century: 2009 

Endophyte fungus levels in perennial ryegrass and tall fescue varieties grown for seed in OR: 2007 

Physiological and digestive effects of Neotyphodium coenophialum-infected tall fescue fed to lambs: 2007 

Clinical manifestations of tall fescue and perennial ryegrass toxicosis in OR: 2007 

Effects of initial/extended exposure to an endophyte-infected tall fescue seed diet on faecal and urinary excretory: 2006 

The effects of short and long term exposure to endophyte-infected tall fescue seed on serum, fecal and urine: 2005 

The effect of feeding endophyte-infected feed and bedding on the performance of broilers: 2004 

Evaluation of perennial ryegrass straw as a forage source for ruminants: 2004 

Effects of feeding Neotyphodium coenophialum-infected tall fescue straw on lamb performance: 2004 

Review: A guide to plant poisoning of animals in North America: 2003 

Analysis Techniques

Determination of the ergot alkaloid ergovaline in tall fescue seed and straw using a QuEChERS method: 2015 

ESI-Mass spectrometric and HPLC elucidation of a new ergot alkaloid from perennial ryegrass: 2011 

Discovery of novel microorganisms involved in ergot alkaloid detoxification: an approach: 2007 

Detection of lysergic acid in ruminal fluid, urine, and in endophyte-infected tall fescue using HPLC: 2006 

Assessment of vasoconstrictive potential of D-lysergic acid using an isolated bovine lateral saphenous vein bioassay:06 

Electrospray[+] tandem quadrupole mass spec in the elucidation of ergot alkaloids chromatographed by HPLC: 2005 

Characterization of a new compound in an ergovaline HPLC assay associated with reproductive problems: 2005 

Fragmentation patterns of selected ergot alkaloids by electrospray ionization tandem quad mass spectrometry: 2004 

Plant Research

Kaur 2020 - Journal of Econ Entomology

Kaur 2018 - Survival and Developoment of Potato Psyllid Hemipte