About the Endophyte Service Laboratory

Endophyte Service Laboratory
Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology,
College of Agricultural Sciences,
Oregon State University


“To be an international leader in providing exceptional service to our customers for their mycotoxin and natural product testing and informational needs as research emphases and market requirements evolve.”


“The mission of the Endophyte Service Laboratory (ESL) is to deliver quantitative results for mycotoxins of concern in feed materials to forage producers, consumers and other concerned parties. Additionally, we collaborate with diverse partners and stakeholders, support the transmission of reliable contemporary knowledge of mycotoxins, and monitor standards of food safety.”


  • Provide accurate information in the form of mycotoxin results and accompanying consultation to our clients for their feed and food materials.
  • Employ high-throughput workflows and outputs to meet the demands of the forage harvest season, and to fulfill the needs of the industry and individual stakeholders for production of high quality agricultural products.
  • Disseminate current scientific literature, Extension publications and other resources to the public through our website and educational displays at local, regional and national meetings.
  • Participate in international collaboration with other laboratory groups to share testing methodologies and best practices in order to support the efficient functioning of the forage export/import industry and the continued consistency and accuracy of results, building trust into the entire supply chain.
  • Offer opportunities for Oregon State University (OSU) students to receive hands-on experience in a high-throughput laboratory environment to more fully enrich their education and meet OSU’s mission of “producing skilled graduates who are critical thinkers.”
  • Support OSU’s land grant mission by serving the people of Oregon and the world under the College of Agricultural Sciences’ area of excellence in “Sustainable food and agricultural systems;” in-so-doing, contribute to the state’s economic prosperity and confidence in a safe food supply.


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