Join us for a day at this unique event featuring a keynote from Dr. Stephen Rappaport (UC Berkeley): "Redefining Environmental Exposure for Disease Etiology"

Environmental Public Health in the 21st Century Research Symposium

Environmental Health Sciences is a multidisciplinary field concerned with discovering and controlling the environmental factors that influence public health. With continued population and industrial growth, the environmental influences on health are irrefutable and present a serious global challenge. Environmental Public Health in the 21st Century Research Symposium is focused on bringing together biologists, chemists, epidemiologists, bioinformaticists, and regulatory scientists to share state-of-the-art advances in exposure science, hazard identification, microbiome, and epidemiology research. The meeting aims to bridge the gaps between current advances in exposure science, the implementation of 21st-century toxicology vision and regulatory considerations relevant to environmental chemicals.

The Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology is pleased to bring this group together for a one day platform, poster session, a keynote speaker (Dr. Stephen Rappaport) and an audience participation debate in Corvallis Oregon in the Historic Memorial Union. Join us at this unique event!


Congratulations to the poster award winners:

Undergraduate Award: Nicholas Korjeff

Graduate Student 1st place: Christine Ghetu

Graduate Student 2nd place: Holly Dixon

Graduate Student 3rd place: Bach Nguyen

Post Doctoral Award: Hyo Sang Jang



January 11, 2019


Meeting Location: 

Historic Memorial Union, RM 49 (Horizon Room)
Corvallis, OR 97331


Online registration is now closed. If you are interested in PARTICIPATING via webcast.



For questions about the research symposium and program information contact:

Robert Tanguay



Lisa Truong