The 2015 revised Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is complex. PERC broke it up into bite-sized chunks and sorted user types to tailor the learning experience for workers, handlers, employers, and more.

WPS Compliance Assistance Library




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PERC's WPS Compliance Assistance Library (WPS CAL) is web-based guide to help people on farms, orchards, forests, and other agricultural establishments comply with the WPS. The material and content has been reviewed by federal regulators, farm worker advocacy organizations, university experts, and state agriculture officials. However, users are cautioned not to rely on any one resource for compliance information. Please refer to the official "How-to-Comply" Manual and the  regulation, then contact your state regulatory agency with questions regarding compliance with the WPS.

If you have any questions about navigating the WPS Compliance Assistance Library, please direct them to PERC at