ALS 4001 at Noon (unless otherwise noted)

November 29
Dr. Sandra Loesgen
Assistant Professor
Oregon State University
Seminar Title: Microbial natural productgs in drug discover - new chemistries and where to find them

December 6
Dr. Miriam Diamond
Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto
Seminar Title: Retro and prospective views of chemical management (Why are we still exposed to toxic chemicals?)

January 31
Dr. Paul Spellman
Professor, Molecular and Medical Genetics
Oregon Health Sciences University
Seminar Title: CEDAR Projects in Genetic Population Risk

February 7
Dr. Keith Bein
University of California, Davis
Seminar Title: Near-Roadway Exposure Studies: A Tale of Two Tunnels

March 7
Dr. Julia Yue Cui
Assistant Professor
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Understanding the Gut Liver Axis in Toxological Response

April 4
Dr. David Griffith
Assistant Professor
Willamette University
Seminar Title: TBA


May 2
Dr. Joel Meyer
Associate Professor
Duke University
Seminar Title: Long term effects of early-life mitochondrial toxicity in the context of genetic deficiences


The Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (EMT) wishes to engage the students, trainees, faculty and affiliates with dynamic speakers from toxicology and related fields through a monthly Departmental Seminar Series. The Departmental Seminar Committee, an arm of the Trainees of the Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Department (TEAM-Tox) is responsible for generating a list of potential speakers, inviting speakers on behalf of the DSC and EMT, organizing seminars and facilitating discussions. The Mission of the DSC is to be accessible and accountable to the requests of the Department, to be transparent in all decision making and planning, and to encourage participation from EMT students, trainees and faculty in all aspects of the seminar series.


If you wish to nominate, organize or host a speaker for the Departmental Seminar please contact: 



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