Online Recertification Courses

One (1) Credit courses are available online through Professional and Continuing Education (PACE).  There is currently one (1), online, self-paced course that costs $35.   

  1. Getting Tough with Pests while Staying Soft on Pollinators


Online Courses currently in development and expected release by end of 2019: 

  1. Zinc Phosphide Above Ground 
  2. Pest Management (Pre-Certification & Recertification)
  3. Federal Pesticide Laws and Regulations (Pre-Certification & Recertification)


Online Courses next up for production and release in 2020:

  1. Pesticide Labeling (Pre-Certification & Recertification)
  2. Pesticide Formulation (Pre-Certification & Recertification) 
  3. Pesticide Hazards and First Aid (Pre-Certification & Recertification)
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (Pre-Certification & Recertification)
  5. Pesticides in the Environment (Pre-Certification & Recertification)


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