Principal Investigator

Dr. Jennifer Duringer
Director of the Endophyte Service Laboratory
Assistant Professor (Sr Research)

Jennifer M. Duringer holds the positions of Assistant Professor (Senior Research) and Director of the Endophyte Service Laboratory at Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR, USA) in the Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology, College of Agricultural Sciences. She received her PhD in Toxicology from Oregon State University in 2003, as well as her BS in Zoology and BA in International Studies in 1998 before joining Oregon State University as a faculty researcher. Her research program focuses on food safety and examines the biochemical effects, mechanisms of toxicity and ultimate biotransformation of plant and fungal toxicants in humans and animals; investigates the potential of naturally produced fungal compounds in plant hosts to act as pest deterrents; delineates the molecular and chemical characterization of ecotypes of pathogenic fungi which has implications for disease management and safety; and determines the chemical profile and toxicological/therapeutic indices of essential oil extracts from native plants, with an emphasis on those consumed by indigenous populations throughout the world. Dr. Duringer also leads the testing program of the Endophyte Service Laboratory for endophyte mycotoxins in forages grown in the Pacific Northwest, United States that are destined for global distribution. She has authored over 30 peer-reviewed publications, mentors undergraduate and graduate students in research, and delivers lectures on toxicology and mycotoxins. She also performs outreach for STEM education and career days and participates as an active member of the Society of Toxicology, having held the positions of Councilor and four years in the Presidential chain for the Comparative and Veterinary Specialty Section.

Staff Scientists

Anita Holman
Faculty Research Assistant

I supervise the daily operations of the Endophyte Service Laboratory (ESL). In the fall of 1990, I joined the lab as a work study student, then received my B.S. in Biology in 1996 and became a Faculty Research Assistant shortly thereafter. The ESL processes around 3,000 endophyte alkaloid test requests per year for clinical clients and the forage export industry; due to the timing of harvest, sample submissions are concentrated during the summer months. To accommodate this high-throughput work load, I train and oversee multiple undergraduate students who assist with the testing. It is truly a team effort. Being a part of this lab allows me to help others not only in our community and state, but around the world. I can honestly say that what we do makes a difference on a daily basis, and that makes me proud to be part of such a great team.


Julia Honneffer
Faculty Research Assistant

Julia Honneffer recently joined the Duringer Lab as a Faculty Research Assistant. After growing up in Corvallis, she earned her BA (Chemistry) from Macalester College, MS (Inorganic Chemistry) from University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, DVM from North Carolina State University, and her PhD (Biomedical Sciences) from Texas A&M University. She primarily assists with the workflow in the Endophyte Service Lab, in addition to helping with Dr. Duringer's research projects.

Early Career Scientists
(Research Undergraduates)

Francesca Rossi


Ashley Saindon


Hanna Do


Kaylee Marshall

Endophyte Service Lab Undergraduates

Brittanie White

My name is Brittanie White and I am currently in school for my Zoology Bachelors with minors of Marine Biology and Chemistry. When I am not doing school work, I am out riding my horse Ellie.


Julia Reinsch


Thy Hoang