Why Typos happen

EMT investigates remote work challenges.

Sharing internet bandwidth with new co-workers.







It's hard to work from home when your "coworker" suns herself
right in front of your standing desk (especially with multiple
alternative napping locations within 3 feet...).























I'm a pesticide specialist... and one day I walked into my home
office and my roommate had covered everything
in Diatomaceous Earth for... bed bug PREVENTION.
There is no such thing. 













Those playful kitties.















It's hard to work from home when
Nico takes up half of my already-tiny table...




Here’s what afternoons at our house look like now
during the nicer weather. Trying to get some work done
while the kids enjoy the sunshine after they
have finished their school work for the day. 










Ready for my walk!























My make-shift office in our guest room this morning...doing math.


I find it hard to work from home
because it is so easy to get distracted
by all the things to do in the yard.

Yummy distractions.

When you want to make lunch
but the counter is your wife's desk.

Self-explanatory :)...

My husband seems to be in this baking phase
and these pb+chocolate bars are dangerously
good and distracting.

He demands to sit in my lap
when I'm on my laptop.


You don't have to compromise
on being productive
while enjoying nice weather.








Team work.