The Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting (FACS) facility is housed in the Agricultural and Life Sciences (ALS) Building Room 1028 and is operated by Dr. Nancy Kerkvliet’s Laboratory in the EMT Department.

The Facility has a CytoFLEX S flow cytometer and a MoFlo XDP high speed cell sorter.

  • The CytoFLEX is a 4 laser, 13 color flow cytometer with 96-well plate capabilities.
  • The MoFlo XDP is a high-speed cell sorter with a single laser, capable of simultaneously sorting up to 4 populations.  Cells can either by sorted into tubes (provided by the facility) or 96-well culture plates (provided by investigator).

Example Applications of Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

  1. Immunophenotyping of peripheral blood cells and cell suspensions from tissues from a wide range of species. Flow cytometric phenotyping is used diagnostically to determine the cell type of malignancies, therapeutically to monitor cell populations, and in research to monitor cell populations following infection, disease course and immunization studies.
  2. Isolation of a single cell type from a mixed cell population. Applications include production of specific T cell clones, enrichment of cells expressing a specific product such as a monoclonal antibody or GFP-tagged recombinant protein, and enriching the frequency of a rare cell type in a population.
  3. Monitoring of apoptosis.
  4. Detection of infection by intracellular pathogens.
  5. Cell viability.
  6. Detection of intracellular antigens

Technical Support

The CytoFLEX is a user-friendly flow cytometer that can be used by students, staff, and faculty without technical assistance following one training session (typically lasting 2-3 hours). Users must reserve the time they will be using the flow cytometer in advance by contacting Allison Ehrlich

The MoFlo XDP requires a certified operator at all times.  Our facility has 2 part-time operators, Jamie Pennington and Kate Shay.   Arrangements can be made by contacting either Jamie or Kate.


Hourly fees are charged for use of the both the CytoFLEX and the XDP.  See below for current rates

Flow Cytometer-CytoFLEX

Instrument Use: $75 per laser hour, 0.5 hr minimum
Instrument Training:  $100 per hour. Training typically takes 2-3 hours.
Operator-assisted instrument use: $125/laser hour.

Cell Sorting-MoFlo XDP

Instrument Use (includes operator time): $125 per laser hour, 1.0 hr minimum. Reduced fees may apply to initial pilot studies.

Director: Nancy Kerkvliet
Phone: 541-737-4387

Manager: Allison Ehrlich
Phone: 541-737-2096

Sorting Operator: Jamie Pennington
Phone: 541-737-2096