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The MS in Toxicology (research paper) is a non-thesis master's degree designed for students who desire is to advanced study in Toxicology but do not wish to pursue research training. All MS students admitted into the program on the research paper option (non-thesis). Upon completion of the first quarter, MS students are eligible to switch to a thesis option. 

All courses must be approved by the student’s Advisor. The graduate committee is made up of the 3 faculty members of EMT: student’s Advisor, a faculty member, and a Director of Academic Programs.

Course Requirements

MS graduate program requires a minimum of 45 credits.

Core course requirements (32 credits)

TOX 511 Fundamentals of Toxicology (3) Fall Quarter
TOX 512 Target Organ Tox: Mol mechanism of Environment Disease (3) Winter Quarter
TOX 513 Environmental Tox and Risk Assessment (3) Spring Quarter
TOX 530 Chemical Behavior in the Environ (3) Fall Quarter
TOX 557 Scientific Skills & Ethics (3) Spring Quarter
TOX 599 Special Topics: Integrated Env Chem & Mol Tox (1) Spring Quarter (2 terms)
ST 511 Methods of Data Analysis (4) Winter Quarter
TOX ELECTIVES Toxicology Elective (6 credit total) Anytime
Gen ELECTIVES Unrestricted Electives (6 credit; 3 credits must be from stand-alone graduate course) Anytime

Capstone requirement

TOX 501 Research (6 credits)

Additional requirements

Rotations TOX 505 (1) - Credit for lab rotations in the Fall quarter
Gen Electives  Any graduate-level courses (6 credits) that fulfills the requirement of at least 50% of the courses on the program of study is graduate stand alone

**Gen Electives is defined as credits taken in any department as long as it is graduate level. (e.g. it can be any department code such as IB, PHARM, etc)


Minor in Toxicology

Graduate students whose major field of study is in a subject other than Toxicology are welcome to take courses and to earn a minor in Toxicology. The minor in Toxicology is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge in the field and the official designation of a Toxicology Minor provides documentation of your efforts and achievement. One faculty member of the Toxicology program must be on the student’s Advisory Committee to represent the minor.

  • Course requirements for a graduate minor
  • An MS minor has a minimum requirement of 16 credits.
TOX 511 Fundamentals of Toxicology (3)
TOX 512 Target Organ Tox: Mol mechanism of Environment Disease (3)
TOX 513 Environmental Tox and Risk Assessment (3)
TOX 599 Special Topics: Integrated Env Chem & Mol Tox (1)*
Electives 3 credits in TOX courses
Electives 3 credits relevant to students area of research

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