Fall 2020 News

Incoming graduate students:

Most of the credits that students register will be taught remotely. Students should have received an email from the Director of Academics Program with guidance on courses. If there are questions regarding taking a full course load remotely, please feel free to contact us. All graduate students are required to enroll in a minimum of 3 graduate credits per term, however, those on graduate research assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, and financial aid typically need more credits.

Fall orientation will be in a hybrid format with some aspect in-person and others held over zoom. The EMT orientation will be held the same week as the Graduate School Orientation (the week of September 14th). The Graduate School has scheduled its entire orientation remotely over zoom (details available here). We will be sending details about our EMT orientation in the coming weeks.

The rotation credit (TOX 505/605) will still be considered in-person credit. This is with the goal of having engagement with faculty and students about research. While some of this engagement will be remote (e.g. most labs are still holding lab meetings over zoom), we expect students to be able to visit labs in person and have smaller (non-group) interactions with members of the department.

Current graduate students:

Thesis and research credits will be considered in-person credit. Further detail on OSU Graduate School policies (e.g., preliminary exam, committee meetings, program of study, etc) can be found on their resource page. Questions pertaining to research progress should be directed to your research mentor.

    Current academic status (8/24/2020)

    • Most of the classes at OSU (90%) are being taught remotely. Therefore, most of the credits for this fall, including Toxicology classes, will be taught remotely over zoom.
    • All in person instruction on the Corvallis campus will end at Thanksgiving break, and finals will be conducted remotely.
    • Face coverings are required in common indoor spaces and areas outside where social distancing isn’t possible. Be sure to maintain 6 feet of distance from others, especially when waiting in line.
    • Enforceable through the Code of Student Conduct, students must restrict their attendance at and hosting of social get togethers to 10 people or fewer, indoor and outdoor, while residing or participating in an activity in the state of Oregon, regardless of whether the get together is related to University business or on University property

      Questions and Concern

    If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact EMT Department Head, or the Academic Directors (when applicable).

    Agricultural & Life Science (ALS), Weniger and Other EMT-faculty Affiliated Building

    A majority of the toxicology research faculty are located in ALS and Weniger Hall. Some research faculty are off campus (Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory, John Fryer Aquatic Animal Health Lab, and Oak Creek). All building policies abide by the University criteria. Building policies in regards to traffic flow, entrances, stairs and elevator uses may differ from one other, so please pay attention to the posted signs.

    Everyone intending to enter or occupy the building shall wear a mask. Hand washing upon entry and exit of the workspace should be strictly practiced.