Multiple EMT articles in the Summer 2016 Oregon Progress Magazine

Hello Everyone - If you have not already received an issue, I am pleased to share with you that multiple EMT faculty and programs are highlighted in articles appearing in the Current (Summer 2016) issue:

NPIC is highlighted in a lengthy article "Is it Safe"

Dr. Williams is highlighted in an article "The Secret Power of Broccoli"

SARL is highlighted in an article "Small fish offer big potential to treat parasitic diseases"

Dr. Susan Tilton is highlighted in an article "A faster, better assessment of cancer risk"

Superfund and Dr. Simonich are highlighted in an article  "Toxins beneath your feet"

SARL is again mentioned in an article "Common antimicrobial agent rapidly disrupts gut bacteria"

Dr. Nancy Kerkvliet is highlighted in an article "The long road toward a treatment for autoimmune diseases"

Dr. Siva Kolluri is highlighted in an article "Repurposing drugs to fight breast and liver cancer"

Dr. Kim Anderson is highlighted in an article  "Silicone wristbands reveal children's exposure to flame retardants"