Dr. Dave Stone serves on National Academies Panel

Over the past  year (2013-14), Dr. Dave  Stone, Associate Professor in Environmental and Molecular Toxicology was appointed to a National Academies panel to examine how the State of California assesses pesticide risk. This panel convened in both Sacramento as well as the National Academies headquarters in Washington DC., where   panel members reviewed testimony from numerous experts, community members, and advocacy groups. During his service, Dr. Stone reviewed and commented on cutting edge risk assessment methods, as well as their interface with policy and risk   management.  In view of  the enorumous size of California's agricultural enterprise and population, the recommendations from this report are likely to have national impact, and will   help to further promote public and worker health.  Dr. Stone's extensive background in   pesticide toxicology and risk assessment, especially but not limited to his directorship of the   National Pesticide Information Center, national consulting on numerous pesticide related  issues, developing novel risk assessments and presenting at high-impact forums   to the pesticide stakeholder community rendered him uniquely qualified for selection to participate on this NAS panel. Asked about his time on this panel, Dr. Stone replied, "From all of my professional activities to date, I would rank my  service with the National Academies as one of the most rewarding experiences of my career."