William H. Bisson

Assistant Professor (Sr Res)
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  • Novel protein targets for cancer therapy 
  • New compounds for cancer targeted therapy and prevention
  • New mechanisms for cancer prevention


My research expertise is computational chemical genomics (molecular modeling, molecular docking, and molecular simulations). I apply my expertise in combination with molecular biology in research areas associated with cancer drug design/discovery and cancer prevention.

My current research is focused on the discovery of biologically active small molecules that target novel/known proteins involved in early stages of cancer development for personalized cancer therapy and precision cancer prevention.

To know more about the current cancer research projects in the lab please click here.

In the News:

In 2007 in the journal PNAS first reported IN SILICO DRUG REPURPOSING approach for the identification of non steroidal Androgen Receptor antagonists.

In December 2012, the journal Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry dedicates a SPECIAL EDITION edited by Dr. Bisson entitled ''Computational Chemogenomics in Drug Design and Discovery''. 
In July 2015, special issue on ''Assessing the Carcinogenic Potential of Chemical Mixtures in the Environment'' in Carcinogenesis. Dr. Bisson served as a co-author in all twelve publications and as co-corresponding author in three reviews.
In July 2015, Dr. Bisson's leadership work on the Halifax project is highlighted by AAAS Science News in EurekAlert.

In September 2016, Dr. Bisson's lead work on Low-Dose Mixture Hypothesis of Carcinogenesis: Scientific Underpinnings and Research Recommendations is highlighted by the Environmental Factor, NIEHS.
In February 2017, Dr. Bisson's lead work "Low-Dose Mixture Hypothesis of Carcinogenesis: Scientific Underpinnings and Research Recommendations" is published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) of the NIEHS.

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