2013 - 2014 EMT Department Seminar Series 

ALS 4001 at Noon (unless otherwise noted)

June 18:
Dr. Ian Walsh
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Seminar Title: Observing aquatic systems in real time: technological improvements yield new insignts and pitfalls

July 17:
Dr. Shantha Kumar
Siga Technologies, Corvallis, Oregon
Seminar Title: Developability consideration for successful drug development

August 16:
Dr. Colin Jefcoate 
Professor of Pharmacology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Seminar Title: Cytochrome P450 1B1: Physiology versus Toxicology

October 2:
Dr. Olena Taratula
Asst. Professor of Pharmacy -Oregon State University
Seminar Title:Nanomedicine-based drug delivery systems  for combinatorial anticancer therapy

October 16:
Dr. Joel Baker
Environmental Science Chair, University of Washington-Tacoma
Seminar Title: Marine Microplastic Pollution:  Navigating the Waters of a Rapidly-Emerging Environmental Issue with Alfred E. Neuman and Chicken Little

January 9: LPSC 125 at 1pm
Dr. John Stegeman
Director, Woods Hole Center for Oceans and Human Health
Seminar Title: Insights at the intersection of ortho-PCBs, orpahn P450s and orthologs of PXR in zebrafish

January 10: LaSells Stewart Center Construction & Engineering Hall
Dr. John Stegeman
Director, Woods Hole Center for Oceans and Human Health
Seminar Title: Oceans and Human Health: Molecular Approaches to Global Issues

February 21
Dr. Andy Karplus
Department of Biochemistry and Physics
Seminar Title:

April 2
Dr. Emily Ho
Endowed Director, Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventative Health
Seminar Title: Diet, epigenetics and prostate cancer prevention

April 16: ALS 1019 at noon
 Leah Wehmas
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: A zebrafish based assay to prioritize development of novel human glioblastoma therapeutics
 Zheng Zhou
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: Commonly used Nanoparticle Stabilizers and Chelators Alter the Antioxidant Activity of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles

pril 22
Dr. Richard Corley
Systems Toxicology & Exposure Science, PNNL
Seminar Title: Every Breath You Take: Exposure Science and the Virtual Respiratory System

April 23: ALS 1019 at noon
 Bryson Finch
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: A Photo-enhanced Toxicity of Gulf of Mexico Marine Organisms at Early Life States and Two Ultraviolet Light Intensities
 Prasad Kopparapu
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: Targeted therapies for triple negative breast cancers

 April 30
Dr. Michael Skinner
Biological Sciences, Washington State University
Seminar Title: Impacts of Environmentally Induced Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance on Disease and Evolution: Ancestral Ghosts in your Genome

May 7: ALS 1019 at noon
 Leah Chibwe
Chemistry Graduate Student
Seminar Title: The Identification and toxicity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) transformation products in bioremediated Soil

May 14: ALS 1019 at noon
 Anna Chlebowski
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: Quantitative analysis of PAH sorption to polystyrene 96-well plates

Blair Paulik
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: What's in the air? Using passive sampling to answer questions about unconventional natural gas drilling

May 21: ALS 1019 at noon
 Scott LaFontaine
Chemistry Graduate Student
Seminar Title: TBA

Alan Bergmann
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: Passive methods for assessing toxicity of environmental samples

May 28: ALS 1019 at noon
 Carey Donald
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: OPAHsin the Gulf of Mexico

Matt Perkins
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: DOSS in GOM sediments

June 4: ALS 1019 at noon
 Lane Tidwell
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: Quantitative Assessment of PAH Flux at a Superfund site using PSD

Derik Haggard
Toxicology Graduate Student
Seminar Title: Mining ToxCast
phase I and II embryonic zebrafish data for possible endocrine disrupting chemicals for transcriptomics and predictive modeling

July 9
Dr. Paul Jepson
Director, Integrated Plant Protection Center, Oregon State University
Seminar Title: Multi-scale ecological and human health risk assessment for pesticides in West Africa




The Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (EMT) wishes to engage the students, trainees, faculty and affiliates with dynamic speakers from toxicology and related fields through a monthly Departmental Seminar Series. The Departmental Seminar Committee, an arm of the Trainees of the Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Department (TEAM-Tox) is responsible for generating a list of potential speakers, inviting speakers on behalf of the DSC and EMT, organizing seminars and facilitating discussions. The Mission of the DSC is to be accessible and accountable to the requests of the Department, to be transparent in all decision making and planning, and to encourage participation from EMT students, trainees and faculty in all aspects of the seminar series.


If you wish to nominate, organize or host a speaker for the Departmental Seminar please contact: 




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