George Bailey

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Dept.: EMT (435 Weniger Hall)
Ph.D., 1969, Univ. of Cal., Berkeley
Phone: 541-737-3164
Fax: 541-737-7966

Long-term research interests explore mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis and its modulation by dietary and environmental factors.  Two important cancer preventive agents are being extensively studied -- indole-3-carbinol for its promise in prevention of breast cancer, and chlorophylls, which we are testing for their potential to reduce aflatoxin-related liver cancer in China and africa.  The main experimental model is the rainbow trout, supplemented by studies with traditional rodent models.  Our animal findings with chlorophylls have been translated recently to two biomarker trials with human volunteers. Biochemical and molecular biology approaches are employed to understand carcinogen and modulator pharmacokinetics, metabolic pathways, DNA damage and repair, mutagenic activation of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, cell replication and apoptosis, and use of microarray to discover how gene expression may be altered by dietary treatment with chemopreventive agents.  This work is carried out in collaboration with other researchers in the Linus Pauling Institute and the NIEHS center at OSU.

Recent Publications