The mission of TEAM Tox is to further enhance and diversify the educational experience of all EMT graduate and post graduate trainees. We have several goals within this mission: 
1) provide opportunities for professional development above and beyond the formal EMT curriculum
2) enhance interactions between both EMT trainees and faculty
3) provide a mechanism for representation of trainees’ issues and concerns to the EMT faculty and administration

Who We Are

Trainees of the Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (or TEAM Tox) is open to students and post-docs affiliated with the EMT department. Voting members include:
1) all students enrolled full- or part-time in either the EMT MS or PhD degree programs
2) post-degree trainees (post-docs) within five years of their graduation
3) graduate students or postgraduate trainees working full-or part-time in an EMT faculty member's research group, when the EMT faculty member serves as either Major Professor, Co-Major Professor or Co-Investigator/Supervisor on a research project.

How We Work

TEAM Tox works with the EMT Department Head and the front office to facilitate the needs of TEAM Tox and the EMT department. Officers are nominated by TEAM Tox members and are elected annually. TEAM Tox meets once monthly. The TEAM Tox committees meet once monthly or more frequently at the request of the chairs. Committee chairs are nominated within the committee and serve for one year. TEAM Tox is a fully inclusive group with votes open to any member.


TEAM Tox is involved in outreach in a number of ways, setting up grade school level demonstrations, experiments and offering our resources to teachers as well.

Travel Awards

Even if you don't plan on ever attending a TEAM Tox meeting, if you're working in an EMT laboratory, you're eligible for the new TEAM Tox Student Travel Awards!

A committee of your peers will vote on each application based on applicability, resource need, and available funds.  This year, resources are limited so our goal is to award $500 per each academic year.  Typically, these awards will be for a $100 supplement, or $50 for a student not presenting.  Application deadlines will coincide with the Graduate School:  February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st.  If you are traveling this month, please go ahead and apply, we will try to process votes as quickly as possible until the voting cycles are routine.

If accepted we'll give you instructions on how to process your reimbursement.  Specifically, if you fill out a Travel Pre-Approval Form before you travel, this should be easily handled through the TRES reimbursement system.

Click here to download the application.


Graduate Student Handbook

TEAMTOX Unofficial Student Handbook


  • Mitra Geier, President
  • Mike Garland, Vice President
  • Alix Robel, Secretary
  • Lisandra Santiago-Delgado, Treasurer
  • Matt Slattery, Social Fundraising
  • Laura Holden, Outreach Chair
  • Yvonne Chang, Outreach CoChair
  • Justin Rewerts, Departmental Seminar Chair
  • Krista Barzen-Hanson, Departmental Seminar CoChair
  • Lindsay Denluck, APC Grad Rep
  • Ben DeJourdan, Post-doc Liason