David Williams

david williams 

Department: EMT (473 Linus Pauling Science Center)
Director: Superfund Research Program
Ph.D. 1982 Oregon State University
Phone: 541-737-3277
Fax: 541-737-0497




My research interests are in the characterization and regulation of microsomal monooxygenase enzymes (Cytochromes P450 and Flavin-Containing Monooxygenases) active in drug metabolism and their involvement in the detoxication and/or bioactivation of drugs, xenobiotics and endogenous compounds. In addition, a major focus of current research efforts is on diet and cancer.  These studies employ both trout, mouse and human cell culture models to address mechanistic questions.  Currently, we are working on a model that addresses the issue of maternal diet on cancer risk for the fetus in later life.  I am an Investigator in The Linus Pauling Institute and the Marine and Freshwater Biomedical Sciences Center.




superfundDirector of the Superfund Research Program

Principal Investigator; Co-Investigator for Project 1 - PAHs in Humans at Environmental Levels: Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism and Susceptible Individuals

The focus of this project is on PAH-dependent cancers of skin in adults and transplacentally, lung, liver and lymphoid tissue and the potential for chemoprevention in reducing PAH-dependent cancer mortality.









Selected Publications:

  • Wang, R., Dashwood, W.-M., Löhr, C., Fischer, K., Nakagama, H., Williams, D. and Dashwood, R. (2008)  Beta-Catenin is Strongly Elevated in Rat Colonic Epithelium Following Short-Term Intermittent Treatment with 2-Amino-1-Methyl-6-Phenyimidazo[4,5-b]Pyridine (PhIP) and a High-Fat Diet. Cancer Sci., in press.
  • Tilton, S.C., Orner, G.A., Benninghoff, A.D., Carpenter, H.M., Hendricks, J.D., Pereira, C.B. and Williams, D.E. (2008)  Genomic Profiling Reveals an Alternate Mechanism for Hepatic Tumor Promotion by Perfluorooctanoic Acid in Rainbow Trout.  Environm. Hlth. Perspect., in press.
  • Castro, D.J., Yu, Z., Dashwood, R.H., Bailey, G.S., Baird, W.M. and Williams, D.E. (2008) A Model for the Study of Maternal Dietary Inhibition of Transplacental Carcinogenesis. In Recent Advances in Carcinogenesis, (R.M. Mohan, Ed.)
  • Castro, D.J., Yu., Z., Löhr, C.V., Pereira, C.B., Giovanini, J., Fischer, K.A., Orner, G.A., Dashwood, R.H., and Williams, D.E.  (2008)  Chemoprevention of Dibenzo[a,l]pyrene Transplacental Carcinogenesis in Mice Born to Mothers Administered Green Tea: Primary Role of Caffeine. Carcinogenesis, in press.
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  • Benninghoff, A.D. and Williams, D.E. (2008) Identification of a Transcriptional Fingerprint of Estrogen Exposure in Rainbow Trout Liver.  Toxicol. Sci. 101:65-80.
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